Friday, March 16, 2012

Embracing Summer


 HELLO GIRLS!!! (virtual hug) My Gosh I wasn't able to blog yesterday due to my poor internet connection! Thank you to SKY broadband for fixing it right on time! Finally I am back to blogging outfits again! I was absent just for a day but it felt like I was gone for forever. I just missed you all so badly. Did you miss me? haha

Anyway, this is what I wore today. As in today. Speaking of real-time blogging haha! I was invited by JELLYBEAN  for a models go-see earlier today. I am so lucky to be shortlisted amongst the hundreds or thousands of pretty girls who sent their photos to be the next Jellybean lookbook model for their summer campaign. I am so overwhelmed by this opportunity so I went even if at the back of my mind I have less chances of being picked. :) 

I will blog more about the go-see on the coming days! And the people I met today. For now I just want to share this outfit and i love it so much since it screams summer for me, bohemian summer. I love the mix of aztec-print, velvet, denim, and suede together! This outfit is so comfy yet so stylish!

I had a very long day but I can't rest for now since I have pending works to do due to my short hiatus caused by my internet disconnection. Anyway, I would like to close this post by saying, that no matter how you see a certain thing impossible, always be brave enough to look at it like it is possible to happen because it will, trust me. Remember, there's no such thing as being impossible to a person who is powered by determination, faith, and desire to reach his goals. :) 


aztec top- Jellybean
denim vest- thrifted
velvet skirt- thrifted
wedges- So Fab!
bangles- random brand


  1. Hello! Your blog is absolutely wonderful. You are beautiful from the feet to the tips of your hair.

    I love your whimsical outfits!

    Good luck on the Modeling :)

    sending you happy spells

    1. aww thank you for the sweet compliments! I am so honored that you visited my blog! :) thanks Amy! :)

  2. Love your top! The skirt is fab too! Love this look!



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