Sunday, February 5, 2012

SUNDAY MUSIC: The One That Got Away by Boyce Avenue

I know I know. Another Boyce Avenue, but I don't care haha coz I am totally in love with Alejandro's voice. Anyway, I will be posting love songs for the next Sundays to come because it's the love month and the perfect timing to listen to songs like this. The original version of Katy Perry is good but I like the way Boyce Avenue gives more life and meaning to the song. I just love the way they sang this one, and I can actually feel the lyrics. I hope you'll like this too!

Anyway, I will be back on blogging outfits tomorrow. For now I just have to shut down my laptop and make accessories. Simone's Closet is about to launch  it's 36th collection on or before February 14. And I am working like a horse to be able to produce enough stocks. Teasers are coming next week! 
I'll see you tomorrow! :) Keep the comments coming girls, I am trying my best to reply to each comment! I appreciate all of your sweet words. You don't know how much your comments complete my day. :)



  1. I agree! Boyce Avenue give more feeling to each song they cover :) Happy Sunday Ms. Denise ♥

  2. I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH BOYCE AVENUE, TOO. And this is their best cover by far!


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