Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If Only Love Is As Easy As A,B,C


Sorry for the cheesy title haha! Again, I am blogging in real time. These photos were taken a while ago when hubby and I watched Unofficially Yours. We seldom watch Pinoy romantic films, because hubby is allergic to it. But this one came out of hubby's desire to watch the movie. He saw the trailer and he kinda like it. I actually did enjoy the movie. I am a hopeless romantic and I can easily get carried away with drama scenes. With matching tears pa!haha!

After watching the movie, I just realized how complicated love is. Not just your battling with fate, time, situation, distance, etc. and all the elements we can mention to hinder two people from loving each other.  LOVE for me is something I really cannot describe. I myself sometimes ask if I really know what love is. But what I can do, it's a word I cannot explain and gauge. If only it's as easy as A,B,C. But yeah, it is not. Once you finally found the one, every moment is like winning in a lottery effortlessly. Oh love...:)

top- Artwork
cape- thrifted
denim shorts- Landmark
tights- Landmark
oxford shoes- Shoe Gallery
bangles- random brand

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  1. Haven't watched that yet, I heard it's nice! Love your shirt by the way



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