Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Errand Girl

I have never worn my leggings for the longest time already. haha! Back when I was still working in an ad agency, and the air condition is so cold, I always wear leggings underneath my tunic tops or short dresses. Now that I work at home, I became more open to try different looks and I must say every outfit in this blog that posted is just memorable :)

Anyways, this is what I wore the last time I had a very busy day at the mall, meet-ups,  shopping list, window shopping, playroom with Marise and I made sure I am in my comfiest but fasyon outfit! I am sure every fashionable moms out there, won't deny how easy it is to move in a pair of leggings without of course, taking away the fasyon in you. :)

So here are the rest of the photos that day...

I enjoy every bit of bonding with my dear Marise :) 

tunic top- random brand
leggings- SM
sandals- tomato
cobweb necklace- Simone's Closet
bag- random brand


  1. So chic for an errand girl! Love the bag and leggings! xx

    The Niknok Style

  2. I adore your leggings!



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