Monday, February 13, 2012

Caramel Eclair

Pardon the foodie title haha! It is just that I am craving for sweets, not because tomorrow is Valentine's Day, but it is because  I haven't eaten well and I am avoiding sweets because of my too painful singaw. haha! Anyway don't you just adore the color of my skirt? I truly love it to bits and I am so excited to wear it again! :) I just wish the sun will come-out tomorrow so everyone will be happy on the heart's day.

 Speaking of which, if you are to ask what I will be doing tomorrow, well, I will be at home doing work stuffs haha. I am not a kill joy, but I told hubby not to go out tomorrow since I know it will be a one hella traffic day! And I don't want to be stuck in vain haha! So what we planned is just to celebrate heart's day a bit late, maybe on Thursday. We're just practical as that. hehe.

On the other hand, I just made a video of the shoot I had last week for Simone's Closet. I hope you'll like it! Please see the post before this one. Please bear with the editing it's my first to make a video haha!


top- thrifted
skirt- random brand
necklace- Quiapo
mustache ring- Quiapo


  1. hi :) i love how you pair the bandage skirt with oversized tshirt :) thanks for giving me an idea. btw, my hubby wants to celebrate the vday late too.

  2. Love the boho chic look, Denise!


  3. Gaad! I love this look! I've been wanting to try this too but I dont have a bandage skirt yet! hehe you look sexy and laidback at the same time! xx

    The Niknok Style

  4. Suuuuper love this outfit! Laidback pero fasyon pa din.. ;) Happy Valentines dear!! ♥

  5. I love this ensemble, lalo na the top!!!!!!! :) Girl, should you decide to sell it, don't forget me ha? ^_^

  6. love how you match the skirt and the shirt. thumbs up! :)


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