Monday, February 20, 2012

As Seen From My Camera #7: The Cafe Dominic

Hi girls! I am now back on  regular blogging haha! It has been days that I wasn't able to share with you what has happened to me over the past few days.  I have been so busy preparing for the online release of L.O.V.E Collection. And finally last Saturday I was able to launch it! 

I personally would like to thank all of you my readers and followers, and shoppers who have been so supportive for Simone's Closet. The 36th collection is such a big hit! THANKS BIG TIME! I will be having a new giveaway this March, supposedly dapat nung Feb 14, but I've decided to finish my EDGY AND BOHO GIVEAWAY muna.

Anyway, I would like to share with you what  I usually do together with my family during weekends... We love to try different restaurants and coffee shops, because we all love food. And this has somewhat made me think to do a food segment here (maybe haha). So without much ado, here are the photos I have the day we  tried a new coffee shop near our house.

unedited photos from my EOS 1000D camera 

So last Sunday, after hearing the mass at Sto. Domingo church. We had a breakfast at the newest coffee shop that's my favorite now, The Cafe Dominic which is under TCB. We just love the interiors of it, as well as the unlimited cakes and coffee promo they have right now. I even availed their V-day promo, a free teddy bear when you buy their Dominic blend, a frappuccino, the bear actually went to Marise haha! 

I swear I wanna come back again to Cafe Dominic with hubby next time. It's such a feel-good relaxing place to have a chat with your friends or family over a cup of coffee and a sweet slice of cake. :)

If you want to visit the Cafe Dominic, go to Sto .Domingo church at Q.ave. and you'll see it right then and there. Maybe next time I can take 2 blog readers with me for a coffee date, who wants to come with me? :)


  1. Uy madalas ako son goes to school nearby :-)I got a teddy too.


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