Friday, January 27, 2012

Teaser: Simone's Closet On TV

Hi girls! Here's a teaser of the interview I taped with the 700 Club Asia team weeks ago. I was so surprised to know that it was aired last night! I wasn't able to watch it I didn't know sayang haha but it's okay I asked for a copy of it already. My friend forgot to inform me of its airing date. hehe But to give you a glimpse on what you'll see on the interview, you may watch this short video! Don't worry I'll post the whole segment here once I got the copy. :)

If you happen to watch it last night, tell me how was it? :)


  1. waahh.. syang nman hndi nten napanood arianne :)

  2. ay! gusto ko to! i'll be looking forward sa whole segment. =)

  3. Yeee.. post the video soon! missed to watch it :( Congrats again Denise!



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