Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stolen Shot

I don't know why stolen shots (for me) are naturally beautiful. The way the subject glows is just perfect, no pretensions, no planned smile, no planned pose, just that "on-the-moment" facial expression alone when the camera clicks. I just love this photo. Thank God that I am not anymore irritated on this shot. haha! :)

Oh, and it helps too that the one behind the lens loves you in every angle. It makes any stolen shots, perfect! :) Now you know who captured this <3 

dress as top- thrifted
bow clip as tie- Pinup Girl Store  


  1. True! And they say that if the subject loves the person behind the lens, that love translates in the photo. :)

  2. Denise you look perfect!!! I love candid photos too especially when it turns out amazing.
    We have to meet na this year!:)

  3. loooove this one! :) effortlessly pretty and happy.. somehow may kilig din.. must be because of the one taking the photo :)

    Stay fab!


  4. Cute! :D I wish my stolen shots were as beautiful as that haha!

    Almira :)

  5. awww love the natural aura this photo has ;)

  6. Nice portrait shot! :)


  7. i seriously love this photo! ganda ng expression and lighting. super lovely!:)

  8. you look beautiful sis! love, love your hair! :)

  9. i'm jealous how you can look so beautiful in a stolen shot...<3
    mine are always awkward...haha.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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