Friday, January 6, 2012

PHOTO DIARY: New Year's Day 2012

Hi everyone! Just wanna share some photos of our New Year's day celebration. We went to Manila Ocean Park. Thank God we were able  to come inside considering the line is uber loong! HAHA! We went to watch first the Sea Lion Show which we all enjoyed! I swear the sea lions are so adorable! I am kinda thinking of getting one for a pet? haha! Kaso I dont live near the sea haha! Forget it na lang haha! Then of course the Dancing Jellies. They are so whimsical and the ambiance inside is so calming.    I know the jellies looks so pretty but don't dare to touch coz when they stick on you I swear you'll feel itchy! haha! It was very tiring day but I spent it with my family so it was so worth it! :)


  1. what a wonderful NY celeb.i would like to go to Manila Ocean Park too. SOON...:)


  2. Hi ate denise! happy new year! january 1 kyu pumunta? haha. We were there, too! Mga 4pm. hahaha.. sayang!

  3. hi Nikki! Yes yes andon kame ng 4pm! OMG kasama mo sila Kamille and Patch and Joya? :) Sayang we were not able see each other! :)


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