Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Notebooks

With the kind of job I have, plus running a business, I need notebooks to remind me all of the things I need to do, to write all the important things I have to record, and for some doodles? haha! So let me share to you all the 4 notebooks that I have, 3 of which I am actually using right now. So here you go...

This red notebook was given to me by my brother. I haven't used it yet, soon I guess! :)

This planner is a gift from my cousin, it's the first time I am using a planner, usually I am just using a regular plain notebook. The dates and the calendar is a big help for me to not forget certain things on a specific day.

This brown notebook is what I am using for all the records and important things for Simone's Closet. from order forms to item list and prices. 

Lastly, this big notebook contains all the detailed job orders my boss gave me. We talk over at skype, and I write everything that he said so I won't forget it. May memory gap pa naman ako haha!

So that's it, these are my notebooks that's inside my work bag (I'll show to you soon what's inside of it haha). I have used several notebooks already but I wont show them you anymore because I kept them somewhere and I already forgot where haha!


PS: Whatever you may read from  the photos of my notebooks, just ignore it, I am just that weirdo haha! 


  1. Wow ang organized mo naman! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Grabe I was amazed after seeing your notes!You're so organized!haha

    I buy a lot of notebooks too but I am severely forgetful that I always forget to write on them. haha


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