Saturday, January 28, 2012

How My Chinese Year Went...

Last Monday, I went tot Trinoma for 3 meet-ups. I have work that day (since being a blogger does not have any holidays haha!) But I managed to squeeze-in some time to do shop meet-ups, a meeting, and a family bonding.
was able to meet Juvette my giveaway winner. I came alone that day so I have nothing but my cellphone to take our picture. Bit still, if you are reading this Juvette, it was so nice to meet you and your friends too!

Afterwards I waited for Vanessa of Voguely Van's assistant to hand her the necklaces she bought from Simone's Closet. Ate is so nice, but I  forgot to take her picture haha! 

Then I met this sweet and cool couple behind the STUN SHOP and SO FLY

everyone I'd like you to meet Chooby (ooh did  I spell it right haha) and Nix. We were planning a collaboration shoot for Simone's Closet and STUN SHOP/SO FLY with co blogger Arnie of Raid My Closet. We are still ironing some details but we will have the shoot very soon! Hopefully! :) this couple is so funny to be with! :) haha! SEE YOU VERY SOON NIX!

I wasn't able to take lots of photos, since that day was super hot and all I wanna do is sip ice cold fruit juice which I think caused my aching throat and my colds that lasted for over a week. haha! Later I will be at Trinoma again for a meet-up and hopefully I can have a seat to witness the Coca-Cola fashion show. So if you happen to see me later, don't hesitate to call me and let us have a photo together. :)

I'll update you with lots of good news on the coming days! :)



  1. OMGGG So kilig you guys still included me kahit I wasn't there sa meeting!!! Really sorry! :( BUT I'M WAAAY EXCITED FOR OUR COLLABORATION! ♥ Leggo!!! :"> Miss you girls!


  2. the most awkward smile of my life :)))
    see you again soon, denise. hopefully I can blog about our meet and greet soon. school is killing me. hihi. :P oh, and choob says HI! :D

    xx, Nix

  3. nice meeting you ms.denise! we both got blurry pics but still t'was the best meeting you personally!



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