Thursday, December 8, 2011

When I Met A Blog Reader

Hi Lilli! If you are reading this post, here are the photos I mentioned to you days ago! I just love to look at these photos because these simply reflect the happiness I felt when I met Lilli, my blog reader at the BU2! She sent me message over at facebook telling me how much she wants to have a photo with me, and so am I (nothing beats the rewarding feeling of getting to know your blog reader and hear them say how much she looks up at you! ) I was worried that I might not see her there since I arrived late in the afternoon, but thank God when she was about to leave, I came right on time! and as they say, POOF!!! and these photos are the clear evidence! haha! 

One of my wishes in life is to have a photo with all of my blog readers! I am holding to that wish Because I know we will all meet in time! 

Thanks again Lilli for everything and making me feel proud of myself, you serve as a reminder for me to blog more and be an inspiration to many! I love you Lilli! :)


  1. I remember when I first met you ate Denise, hehe.. See you later.:) We're puyat, huhu.. :))
    I hope it wont rain. :D

  2. haha..kakaiyak!!thank you po tlaga!!i really am..with all my heart..sana nga po mangyari ung wish nyo na makita nyo po ung mga readers nyo..

    kaya guys let's set up the date pang christmas natin ky ms. denise hehe..ang saya nito pag nangyari!!!:)

    sorry for the distorted face hahaha!!!di nahiyang mag face dance hahaha..

    i love you more ms. denise!!!!♥♥♥ mwahhh!!!

  3. i would have been really glad if i was able to attend the BU2 event but i had to go home to davao on nov. 30.. too bad!


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