Friday, December 30, 2011

Surprise Gifts

Hi girls just want to share with you some of the SURPRISE GIFTS I received this Christmas. Well when I was a kiddo, I really expect people to give me gifts, but at my age right now, I don't expect any at all. Because I am now the one who is giving gifts haha! BUT  to my surprise, a few people remembered to give me some and here they are...

I like gifts that are very usable, something I will really overuse, and not just something that I will just keep or display, and I am so happy that all of the gifts I have are the things I will surely be using. :)
ACCESSORIES from Sugar Coated, a newly-opened shop by my good friends, Hope and Jean. I will tell you more about our surprise for all of you girls on my next post! :)
ENGRAVED KEY CHAIN with my name on it! So cute! I am so touched (super!) when my dear officemate, Frances handed this to me. If you are reading this, super happy ako to receive this one! I am using it now :) 
LOOFA SET which came from my officemate too! Lee thank you so much for this one! I love loofa and as you can see semi-empty na yung pouch, because I've used two pieces na hehe :)
VINTAGE DRESS from my brother! This one is really a big surprise! He usually just gives me purses or cellphone cases, but never a dress! Thank you! I love the fit and the color! :)
Lastly, from my parents... a SET OF POST-IT PAPERS. haha well I seldom forget things, and one of which that I forgot ng bongga is to pay my SSS contribution. haha! My gosh I feel so old! Yayks I am so forgetful! Daig pa may amnesia haha!

SO there ya go these are the pieces which I really really treasure because of all these came from the precious people in my life! THANK YOU SO MUCH! How about you, what are the gifts did you get this Christmas? :)

See you tom on my year-end posts! :) 

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