Friday, December 16, 2011

PHOTO DIARY: 35th Collection Shoot

So here ya go girls! Here are the photos taken by hubby last week on a photo shoot I organized for Simone's Closet! I met new models and make-up artist on the set and I am so glad I have known these girls! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kamille, Nikki, Patch, and Jolly! We've known each other for a very short time, and I am so thankful to guys for trusting me, hubby, and Simone's Closet! I really did enjoy the day!

As you can see girls, the shoot looks fun, coz really it is! I don't use any pegs whenever I have a shoot. I just want everything to be natural. I want true happiness, excitement, and natural beauty to come-out; and that point, for me, makes a very good photo! My hands are literally shaking, as I edit the photos.  I wanted to post the outcome of the shoot! So if you are  still up at this very minute, please stay-tuned because I will be blogging about the lookbook photos, next!


  1. wow looks like its gonna be an amazing collection!!

  2. Excited for your new collection!



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