Monday, November 7, 2011

When Colors Collide...

I never really expected that I will be able to witness PFW with my busy schedule, but I  was able to watch one show and the experience was beyond amazing! I watched with my hubby and his friends along with my blogger friends (will blog about it next! )

"What to wear?" is not at all a challenge for me, because I just let myself wear what I feel like wearing. I don't care at all if others are in their killer heels, or if they are wearing expensive clothes. I just let myself to flow and this is the outfit I came up with! You know how much comfort is important for me when dressing-up right? No comfort = no confidence for me hahaha! 

I even walked in this outfit and in this pair of boots without  feeling any pain at all or feeling uncomfortable. Plus don't you just love how the colors combined in my outfit? I love it so much!

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dress- thrifted
vest- Divisoria
boots- NAVA
belt- Landmark
bag- SUY Bags
bangles- random brand
necklace- random brand


  1. Nice boots, Denise!
    Buti ka pa, you were able to watch PFW.

  2. I am loving the dress and the bag! Actually, I really love the bag. THe boots are cool, too. I am too shy to wear boots here in Pinas. :)

  3. I still want that bag!! Hee!

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  4. As always, you look gorgeous! Bet ko this outfit, sis! And the colors, too!! ♥ Thanks again for being with me in this PFW show!


  5. I love love love those boots. :">

    xx, Nix


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