Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Papa's Birthday

 Thank you so much to all the lovely comments you left on my previous post ( the outfit post showing what I wore on my dad's birthday). Just like you guys, I so love the outfit I was wearing that night, very flattering right? It is one of the comfiest yet stylish outfits I have ever worn. 

Anyway, before we ate dinner on my papa's birthday ( I call my dad papa), I met Krissy to hand her the dress she bought from my shop. Thanks again girl! And hi to your friend, Mich and to your guy friend which I forgot the name hihi sorry! :)

Enough of the talking, I will just let the photos do the talking. BEWARE: PHOTO HEAVY! haha!
marise posing after wishing and throwing coins over the fountain haha!
we ordered a lot but these two dishes were the only ones I took haha! speaking of gutom at nakalimutang picturan haha!
Superbowl is so generous to give birthday celebrants this pretty and yummy chocolate ice cream topped with crunchy nuts and swirls of choco syrup! They even put my dad's name on the plate! so thoughtful! :)
after treating him to a dinner, I bought him this lovely yummy Oreo cake!
Marise keeps on saying the cake is for her and it is her birthday haha! So papa let her blew the birthday candle instead! so sweet!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN PAPA!

PS: I am looking for witty and pretty girls who want to get featured on Simone's Closet's print ads and website. We are currently planning a photo shoot! You can email me your photos if you are interested! :) 



  1. Marisse is really charming and so are you babe! Looks like you all had a great lunch date :)
    Belated happy birthday to your dad! :)

  2. Belated happy birthday to your Dad, sis!! ☺ You got me feeling hungry with the oreo cake. :-" Hahaha! See you soon! Why not get Brie to join us for the shoot? ♥♥


  3. im happy for your papa..he has a wonderful daughter like you..:)blated happy birthday po!


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