Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Am Singing In The Rain...

I just love that line of song it reminds me of my childhood memories when I used to shower under  the rain drops haha. Anyway, when I saw this rainbow-colored crocheted vest in  the thrift store, I didn't think twice of getting it!  It is just so perfect! I love vests and I love crochets and that made it difficult for me to let go of this one. But I love you all so I am letting this go for someone who is madly inlove with boho pieces like this! I will be selling this too tomorrow on Simone's Closet's 34th collection! 

STAY DRY. STAY SAFE EVERYONE! We are supposed to go to Star City today, but the rain is pouring so hard....sadddd :(

pink  top- random brand
crocheted vest- Simone's Closet
black maxi skirt- thrifted
fringe necklace- soon on Simone's Closet
bangles- random brand


  1. Gorgeous outfit!!! I'm definitely getting pieces from your next collection. Can't wait! ♥


  2. Hi Simone! Thank you so much for dropping by on my blog and, thought that maybe I can give back the favor by visiting yours as well. Sure! I would love to do a collaboration with you soon. It will be so much fun working with a co-pinay fashion blogger. Hope to hear from you again soon! xo


  3. Salamat sister! I cannot wait for our styling gig this Saturday :)


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