Friday, November 18, 2011

BTS: Simone's Closet Fashion Show

It has been almost a week since the VERTIGO Fashion Show that Simone's Closet participated, and I am still high about it. It may be a shallow reason for some, but to me that night is one of the nights I will never ever forget. 

I know how to style clothes but didn't have enough knowledge and experience of how it feels and what happens backtage during a fashion show. At first I was in hesitant because I am afraid I will not be able to survive the night, but Tatie and I happily and proudly did! I just told myself that night, to just enjoy and let things be.

I am so thankful for having Tatie with me all throughout that night. I won't be able to survive the styling part without her. She thought me different strategies on how to make styling organized and easier, and I can truly say, this girl will really go far! Tatie is not just good in styling but her attitude is really something! I salute you girl and thanks for everything!

Meanwhile, to continue the story of my special day... we arrived in the venue at exactly 4pm. We are the first to arrive and we are so thankful for that since we were able to take good space inside the dressing room for us to set-up our tables for the accessories, and hang the clothes. 

Tatie in action, pre-styling clothes

To give you an idea, the organizers asked three online fashion shops to showcase their products, and one of which is Pinup Girl Store, owned by my good friend, Andie. I guess the hardest part of that day is the fact that we will style on-the-spot the models (since we didn't have any pre-styling beforehand) and mind you, on that very day did I only see the models and I am praying at that very minute, the clothes that I brought is just enough and hopefully will fit them. Thank God that I prepared 15 looks, though what we were told is just to prepare 10 (mabuti nang sobra kesa kulang haha!)  

I pre-styled the clothes before I left home. I list down the top and skirt that will go together, the skirt and tights that will be matched, etc., but then I realized, no matter how I paired the clothes to match together, it won't be followed since you need to consider too the personality of the model, whether she can carry the outfit well or not. I guess with that mindset in mind plus our (Tatie and I) teamwork and the fact that we are enjoying, made Simone's Closet's fashion show, a very successful one.

So here are the looks Tatie and I came-up with that night...the theme is Street style . All clothes and accessories are from Simone's Closet and Tatie's. Shoes were from the models.
this is Gabi in her first and second look. I love her beauty so much!
Mich on her first and second look. I adore her overflowing personality, she carried the outfit so well!
Melissa in her first and second look. Hands-down her smile is such a killer! :)
Kadey in her first and second look. I've learned from Tatie that she modeled for PFW S/S 2012 and was styled by Tatie pa! Oh di ba! This girl may be tall, but my gosh she is so down-to-earth!
Paola in her first and second look. I love how quiet she is, but when she sashayed the runway, I heard super loud screams and cheers from her fans! she is so darling! :)
The stage and the so huge venue.
love to see my shop's logo there yiiiii kilig pa din ako tik now! :)

Of course the night wouldn't be complete without the support and love of my ever dearest hubby who tagged along his barkada to cheer for Simone's Closet and of course to take some runway photos. SOrry girls but hubby got a few snaps only since, it was so dark inside and hard to capture the models on their poses, so for the meantime here are some that we have from our camera. The organizers told me that they will be sending me clear copies from their official photographer that night. yey to that and I cannot wait to see the photos! :)

THANKS AGAIN TO MY MODELS Abi, Mich, Melissa, Kadey and Paola, who are all so pretty and stunning! You gave life to the clothes you were wearing that night! I hope to see you all again!

And course thank you to Yricka for getting me as one of  the sponsors that night. I will see you soon!

So how did you find the styling I and Tatie did? Are they all fasyon? haha!



  1. Wow! This is def. one hell of a fun experience! I love all the looks you came up with but my fave would have to be Gabi's looks. so pretty!! congrats denise! :P

  2. Deniiiiiise <2 I want that star print tunic! haha do you still have that? :)

  3. Congratulations, sis!!! ☺ We can tell na it was a really successful event with just looking at the photos!


  4. I LOVE mitch's and paola's 2nd looks. i love the outfit!!!! =) congratulations on your fashion show! =)


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