Friday, November 4, 2011

Blues Clues

I don't know but the turning of season to Fall just made me love any shades of blues, from denim blue to navy blue and royal blue. And I just can't help but love this look from head to toe, don't you love it too? hehe. And notice the lace see-through top? I am not much of a fan since I am a bit conservative, but since these photos are for my shop, I gave it a shot! hahah!

So if you want this top, make sure to drop by on Sunday November 6, 2011 at 8pm to shop for fabulous pieces!

For now, I am  back to work mode again since I am busy with my day job plus preparing my collection for the Vertigo fashion show. Take care girls today is a bit rainy. HAVE A NICE DAY!

navy blue lace top- Simone's Closet
denim midi skirt- thrifted
pumps- Parisian
belt- Landmark-
bangles- random brand


  1. oh sis. i love the top. can i reserve it na?

    anyways, you and @lissakahayon have the same post title "blues clues". isn't that amazing?

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! I wanna own that top!!!!! O.o

    Anyway, nice post, sis! Me too, Idk why I'm venturing into blue clothes lately. Maybe sa shift nga ng season to fall. :) See you soon!


  3. @ I'm Apple: oh thanks sis! email me at if you really wanted to reserve it :) and yes I have seen nga na pareho kame ng title ni Ms. Lissa Kahayon, amazing! :)

    @arnie: ang pretty ng top sis noh? mas bagay syo yan haha kasi i am not into sheers kasi hehe. just like you I am searching for clothes in blue and black, ewan ko ba, I think this is all because sa shift ng season hehe :)

  4. i love sheer top and that's amazing. sana lang di ako maunahan no internet at home kaya i might be able to check it on the 7th na hehe


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