Monday, October 31, 2011

There are big and small ships, but the best ship is our friendship

After 5 years of not seeing each other, I met again my best friend since high school.  My college days were not that enjoying as my high school days. Everything about high school is all fun and being with friends all the time.

When I graduated in high school, my family moved in to Manila and left all the good memories  and my best friend at Marikina where I used to live before,. We hardly got to talk in the 5 years we weren't seen each other. A lot has happen but nothing changed between us. And that I think made our friendship a real one. No time frame or distance could ever change it, our friendship is way authentic than a real diamond. Maybe we weren't there for each other on tough or good times, or we didn't talk that frequently just like what we used to be before, but the warmth and the treatment to each other remains the same and I am thankful for that.
her name is Precious but we call each other "Krung-Krung" after Sandara Park haha! I even gave her a skull wrap bracelet that she wore as a necklace. I miss you so much Krung! 

We did a lot of catching-up but she had to leave early. The entire 1 hour of talking with her over a cup of sweet fro-yo brought back all the good 'ol memories.
I even met her jolly boyfie! 
And of course, to document everything we took a lot of photos! Thanks Alvin for patiently taking our photos! :)
floral top- thrifted / blackcape-thrifted/ leggings- mom's / sandals-Tomato/ bag- SUY Bags\
no separate outfit shots since hubby was not there to take them haha but thanks to Alvin for this single outfit photo!

At the end of the day I realized how simple friendship is, you don't need a lot of friends just to make you feel loved, you can even only have a handful or even one, just as long as you know that the friendship is real. That no matter how you two changed, no matter how far you are with each other, no matter how frequent or seldom you see each other, the friendship between you will pull you together. 
Treasure your friends because they are God's gift!



  1. aww so true :) "you don't need a lot of friends just to make you feel loved" missing my bestfriend tuloy, hehe ! too bad she's already busy taking care of her child :)) love the top youre wearing denise :)

  2. soo cool you met up with your bff after so long and you two still clicked! very sweet :D and love these pictures you both look so adroable


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