Sunday, October 16, 2011

SUNDAY MUSIC: King Of Anything by Sarah Bareilles

Hello everyone! How are you doing this weekends? I have spent my Saturday with ze parents and Marise, at SM Moa, had lunch at French Baker then shopped a little and played at Timezone, our current family getaway haha!

Now, I will be spending the whole day making accessories and stuff for my Simone's Closet. As what I have told you last time, I have given an opportunity for my shop, and that is something I am much excited to share with you on a separate post.

And in line with it, I wanna seek for your help in answering a survey to improve the services of Simone's Closet. So if you are a shopper then and now, if you bought once or twice etc, so long as you did buy something from my shop, you may join this giveaway:

click the badge on the upper right corner to find-out how to join! :)


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  1. Awwww hihi love that giveaway banner you used!! :"> I'm so kilig over here. ♥♥♥



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