Saturday, October 15, 2011

PHOTO DIARY: Kultura Filipino

Last Wednesday I attended the KULTURA FILIPINO'S HOLIDAY COLLECTION EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW with Arnie as my date, and of course along with our blog friends.

I was overwhelemed with how superb, pretty and affordable the stuffs KULTURA FILIPINO has to offer. I cannot imagine how great Filipinos are in doing native handy crafts that are all export-quality. For you to have an idea of the stuffs they have here are the photos...
of course their Christmas stuffs
pretty accessories! 

want to see some more, click more! :)

herbal soaps 
crocheted cover-ups, tops, scarves, and bonnets
elegant bags and clutches perfect for different occassions, very pinoy but word-class :)
while roaming around, the Banda Kawayan from PUP (if am not mistaken) serenaded us with beautiful Christmas songs

then after a few minutes, we headed back again, and checked the other side of KULTURA, just to describe how big it is, it has a left and right wing that are both so big containing lots of Pinoy handicrafts! :)
native sweets and teas! My gosh I am a sucker for pastillas yummy! :)
lambanog in pretty bao bottles :)

Pinoy tumblers! :)

woven trays and plates

ukulele or in english, small guitar :)

seashells in different shapes :)

while strolling with Arnie, we saw Dianne Dequina and Jessa Ang. Nice to meet you lovelies! 

i so want this over our garden haha! :)

After strolling around, it is time to eat and have chika with the other bloggers :)

group pic

I really enjoyed the time chatting with you all, girlies! I hope there will be another event wherein we can meet again! :)  
with Ana, I lvoe your outfit babe! :)
And of course my sister, my date for the day, ARNIE! I so love your look that day. and thanks for wearing the necklace I gave you. SEE YOU SOON ON OUR DATE!

Over-all I think KULTURA FILIPINO has a LOT to offer. I have seen foreigners and Filipinos going gaga over the native crafts, their carts are almost filled with pretty native things, and that makes me proud that people across the world and even some of us Pinoys appreciate and use our very own products! I AM PROUD TO BE PINOY!

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  1. Hi Denise! It was great to "briefly" meet you! We did not get a chance to have a chit chat but hopefully the next time we meet! =)


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