Sunday, October 2, 2011

Over A Cup Of Fro-Yo

That's how hubby and I talk over some things. We are not much of a coffee drinker but we love fro-yos, and when we feel like bonding and we just wanna talk and share stories with each other, we always go to Red Mango, but this time, we tried Tutti Frutti. Hubby said, he loves Red Mango than TF.

He likes his fro-yo plain topped with choco syrup, cornflakes, choco chips, and almonds, in short, he likes his cup of yogurt, crunchy. As of my choice, I want my fro-yo chewy, hence the almond mochi toppings alone haha!

We always make sure we do this monthly, talk and reminisce over beautiful things, and discover more of each other over a cup of fro-yo. :)

...and this is what I look like when I wear my glasses on haha! 


  1. yay! Sweet.. it's soo nice that you're spending quality time with your hubby always :)

  2. Aww we bond over froyo, too. *high five* But our froyo of choice is Golden Spoon! :)


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