Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bohemian Wrap-sody!

Feeling boho again hence this look! I love my wrap headpiece to death, it made me look so boho-ish right?


I feel like I wanted to live with this outfit everyday! haha! I love maxi skirts and I want them flowy so I can twirl all day long! And notice the belt? I love it also, it makes my plain outfit, a bit interesting! :)

Stacking bangles on one arm is kinda heavy but it looks so fasyon to me. Plus you'll hear the bangles clashing together, I love it! :)

STAY-TUNED FOR THE NEXT GIVEAWAY! I will be giving-away this headpiece and belt! :)

gray dress as top- thrifted
maxi skirt- thrifted
wedges- Parisian


  1. very boho indeed. the headpiece looks great on your outfit. I'm soooooooooooooooooo in love with your hair. haha. I've been eyeing those wedges from parisian before too bad that the biggest size doesn't fit me.

    <3 Maria

  2. I love this outfit Denise. I love everything boho talaga, it's one of my favorite looks! This skirt is so gorgeous!! I don't know if I can pull off that kind of headband like you can though, maybe I can try? You're so right about your belt, it's an eye-catcher, really different but it goes well with the outfit :D

  3. I love maxi skirts too! I don't know if this is just a phase I'm going through, but I want to grab almost every maxi I see! :p Aaaand I love stacking bracelets and bangles too. Though I do think there's some sort of art or talent in there somewhere haha! Kriz Uy and Camille Co does it so well! :)

    Looking very cute with your boho ensemble! With your curly, long hair pa = boho na boho talaga! :)

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY
    Join my giveaway HERE!

  4. Very good styling Denise! For some girls who can't carry the flower band on their head, they can wrap it on their wrist as a bracelet :-) And the belt can be used as a headband too.

  5. i like that blush color of your maxi skirt! very pretty. =)

  6. Bet ang buong outfit, sis!!! ♥ Kering-keri ng bongga! :"> And I'm in love with your headpiece also! Wanna see you wearing that in person.

    Love you, Denise!! :) I'm really really thankful to God that I met a "sister" like you.


  7. i so love your outfit denise :) like what your sister arnie said , bongga ka! :)) hehe! loving the skirt :D bet ko sya :D


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