Friday, October 28, 2011


Woke-up this day feeling like a doll hence this dainty dress, mary jane heels and a bow clip! Watch-out for this dress on Simone's Closet's 34th collection!

PS: I will be attending The Ramp show tomorrow for the weekend show of Philippine Fashion Week, if you are coming and you see me there, just approach me and let us have a photo!

PPS: About the winner of the CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES GIVEAWAY, I will be announcing it this October 30, 2011. So sorry for the delay, I was sick for two days and all i wanna do is sleep all day. :)

Good day to you all! Don't forget to join my other giveaways! Please see the right side of this blog for the giveaway badges. :)


  1. I love the first photo!!! So cute!!! :)

  2. love this look denise! So cute and girly! :)

  3. Lovin the look, sis!
    Especially the cutie heels!! aaahh! :)


  4. super nice & pretty dress "))


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