Friday, September 9, 2011


I love anything girly, or dainty, from laces to bows to pinks and to florals. And I love to toughen them out a bit by pairing them with men-inspired pieces, just like this light denim shirt and my gray loafers. I love how casual yet stylish this look is. 

Sorry for my "inis" face on one of the photos above haha! While shooting this at SM Centerpoint's car park, the lady guard keeps on saying, no cameras allowed. I told her, why not? And the rest goes on, and my mood just turned bad the whole day. I just don't get it why SM is this strict with cameras, I won't steal anything with them anyway. This gives me more reason to love Ayala Malls more than SM because of this crappy none-sense policies about cameras. 

Anyway, this photo was taken yesterday, I just rinsed my hair and it still looks good! I am enjoying the bouncy curls. After two weeks, according to my stylist, the curls will loosen up a bit.  I had a lot of stares yesterday, which made me feel annoyed. I just don't know if I look annoying for them or if they admire my new hair. But anyway, why would I bother, I didn't ask them to look at me anyway haha!

PS: New giveaway coming-up tomorrow as part of Simone's Closet's 2ND year anniversary! Watch-out for it! :)

denim shirt- random brand
lace skirt- hubby's gift
loafers- Pill
bag- Landmark


  1. Ang gaganda ng mga damit mo, Denise! :) Minsan collab shoot tayo for your clothing line and my accessories a :) That will be a dream come true! :)

    Benta yung stares, Ive learned to look straight or sa shoes ko dahil sa mga stares na yan when commuting. Hatest ko catcalls, but siguro nagiging bingi nadin ako eventually hahaha :)

  2. that lace skirt looks really dainty! =) the stares, most probably because inggit sila na kering keri mo your outfit and beautiful hair! =)

  3. I love this look, I like your idea of toughening dainty things up!

    I have curly hair myself, I used to have my hair straightened then back in 2003 I had them curled, and shortened, they stayed that way forever. I know what you mean about getting stares, I lot of people stared at me and some I caught pointing and whispering. I always thought that they were inspired by my hair, or want to have it done themselves. Just're a trend setter :)

    I don't get why they're strict with cameras either...I mean dude it's the parking lot what in the world is wrong with taking photos at a parking lot. What are you going to steal or copy from there anyway? Haaayyy the stupid paranoia!

    Have a great weekend :D

  4. LOL your bag's cloth looks like the one used to make my recent dress purchase! :P

  5. WOW i love the hair!!! So brave of you to do this babe!
    By the way, i wore a similar outfit before!haha

  6. Mind over matter, sis! Just don't mind them, primarily because THEY don't matter. ;) You look gorgeous all the time! ♥

    And btw, pretty ng clothes, sis!! BET!


  7. Nice skirt! I want to have those lovies too. <3

  8. That skirt is just sooooo pretty! And I have to agree with the stares thing! Just keep ignoring them! When I get weird stares from people, I just keep telling myself that they're just plain ignorant creatures who don't know a thing about fashion or the art of dressing up. LOL stay gorgeous!!!! love ur hair to bits! :P

  9. I so love this skirt! Hope you can have something similar to this on your 34th collection! :) haha!

    So love laces :) and you! <3


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