Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have never worn any orange or tangerine clothes for 6 years now haha! Yes I still  can remember the last day I wore an orange top, and that was during my high school days. I am not a fan of orange since for me, it is a hard color to carry. But when I bought this at Ann's shop, I think I am loving this shade now. 

And see my new boots? It will be over-used for sure! haha! It's like I have found heaven on my feet! I seriously need to get the other color of this boots! haha!

About the weather, I think it's getting better now, but I don't wanna go out just yet, I can sense it will still be a rainy day today, and I don't wanna stuck in traffic anymore. Meet-ups will resume tomorrow! :) STAY SAFE  EVERYONE!

orange dress- My OwnThrift Shop
boots- NAVA
bangle- girlshoppe


  1. Cute! Love this look! I want oraaange!!!:D

  2. I don't wear orange either Denise! I bought a dress that's in orange only because my fiance didn't want my to buy anymore pink so I decided I'd give give the orange a shot but I have not worn all....

    Maybe I should air it out? :D

    Loving the orange on you!

  3. Ahhh!!! I want that dress!!! Super lovely ng bagsak niya!! :)

  4. Pretty pretty, sis!! :) Hihi I miss you and see you on Saturday! ♥


  5. GONDO NG BOOTS! :D And your dress, and your hair and your face.. and your photos! :) Love you! <3


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