Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I am loving this chocolate brown maxi skirt that will be up on sale on my 33rd collection! I love the perfect fit, that I wanted to just keep it, but I love my shoppers so much so this wiill be up for bidding tomorrow! You know how much I love maxi skirts but yes I managed to control myself on getting it haha! Anyway, I will be thrift shopping this Friday, I am sure I will score lots of maxi skirts in my fave ukay shops! :) 

Right now, I am tuning in the Miss Universe coverage in channel 2, and so happy to know that Shamcey is now on the top 10 (according to my friend who is watching a livestream coverage haha). My friends are rather more addicted than I am haha! :)


  1. <3 the skirt! I would have considered taking it too :) my friends and i are going thrifting on the 24th...sooo long from now! i hope i make it without going by myself and spending all my ukay budget!

  2. ang bongga bongga ng hair mo sis!!! =)

  3. WOOOOOOW! :D Your curls babe! It suits you! :D And oh, gorge skirt! :D

  4. love the curls! ;)

    where do you usually thrift shop?:)

  5. Super love the curls on you Denise, as in! Glam ang peg mo everyday! Hahaha <3


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