Sunday, September 4, 2011

SUNDAY MUSIC: Carousel by Vanessa Carlton

Good morning dear readers! How was your Saturday? Mine's definitely great because I spent it with hubby and Marise. I miss spending the whole day with them, and yesterday's something to treasure. I will share some photos with you on the coming days on what happened to the family reunion we attended. 

ANYA SATCHEL GIVEAWAY is already closed. I will draw the winners tomorrow, and will announce them well too here so better watch-out. I will leave you a relaxing song I have been listening to the entire week. I just love the outfits she wore on the video, I wish I could wear those outfits here. hehe. 

Tomorrow will be my hair makeover day! Yey! I can't wait to see my new look! :)

Got to go now, need to rest and prepare for a shoot later in the afternoon! 


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