Wednesday, September 21, 2011


with Hope, I am lovin the yellow and purple combination of her outfit!
with the modelesque Jean! I look so short beside her :)

I had my very first impromptu and video interview about online selling! My gosh this is something big for me. I never knew that Simone's Closet will be in this level. This is all because of my loyal shoppers and blog readers who never cease to support me, my blog, and my shop. THANKS AGAIN!

At first I was so shy to talk haha because they were taking a video of me, and my I am not telegenic hehe! But as the interview went by I loosen-up a bit haha! I enjoyed chatting with these two girls, thanks again for  the yummy Tiramisu cake that Marise has murdered haha! She loved it so much as well as the pizza!

See you two soon on the Fashion Rev Manila bazaar! 


  1. wow congrats on the feature denise! ;)

  2. Congrats Denise!!! You've been a very good fashionista and entrepreneur. :D Keep it up love! :D

    You might be interested in my giveaway. Just visit my site. Thank you!


  3. Congratulations Denise!!! You have such great taste, that's why everyone loves your products and your blog! Just continue what you're doing because obviously it's taking you places!

    All the best, til the next interview :D Will you be able to post here? :D I want to see it!


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