Monday, September 26, 2011


 These photos were taken last week when Mr. Sun is up and shining. I'd rather have a hot sunny weather than have a gloomy rainy day, but I guess it's good to have at least 1 or 2 days of bonding with the rain. :)

Believe it or not, I have gained a lot of weight after I gave birth to Marise. I used to have a modelesque body, with a 25 waistline, and very thin arms. Now, I rarely wear sleeveless tops or dresses, unless I feel so hot, due to my flabby arms. haha! But I realized I shouldn't feel this way because I love myself now than before, I get to eat what I want without any guilt at all. 

I love my curves and I love who am I now. I am such a fan of the Plump Pinays, and Honey who are both strong believers of the idea of loving your body whatever shape you have. Eh ano if I have big arms, it does not define who I am, or what kind of a person I am. Yon lang nakakainis when people say, "Oy tumaba ka" then teases you, "mag-diet ka na". Though their words are not directly harming, you know for a point what they mean. I just don't know why a lot of people is watching your waistline and make it as a basis of beauty. But anyway, we all have our own definition of beauty, but always remember that true beauty cannot be seen on the outside, but what you are in the inside. 

And always remember this line from the movie Monster-in-law starred by J.Lo and Jane Fonda.  (well if you've seen the movie you'll get what I mean hehe)
I'm making the dress
to fit my body,not the other way

well in some case, other girls do the other way around. :) And that makes shopping for the perfect dress a difficult task. :)

floral top- online find
bag- Coconut Gold
flats- Parisian
bangles- random


  1. You look gorgeous! Love the top so much!

  2. Love you always, Sis! ♥ You're beautiful the way you are! :-*


  3. hi denise, i love your hair. and your bag so pretty, may i ask if that is a 11" or 13" Anya satchel? i'm confuse kasi kung ano mas magandang bilhin. and nga pala i receive na yung nautical skirt, they are so lovely. thanks.

  4. You are sexy dear any weight you are.. =) I love your outfit.. So cute and for a change.. =)


  5. Love this post, Denise! And I totally agree! We're all sexy and beautiful in our own way! :) For me skinny is not sexy :) Moms are more sexy! LOL! Hahaha! Kudos to sexy Mommies like us! :p

  6. "I'm making the dress to fit my body,not the other way around" - totally agree! ;) stay inspiring denise! ;)

  7. omg denise i know what you mean!
    ang payatola ko before Quinton!as in!
    now, people always comment how huge my thighs and arms now. it's sad talaga that it has become a basis of what beauty is! haii, ill make a blog about this!haha you inspired me so much!

    bdw, lurve the hair!!! looking awesome dear!:)

  8. @nikki: thank you babe! :)

    @hope: thank you, miss ko na kayo ni Jean

    @arnie: nako salamat sis! Grabe honestly, I miss you super! I seriously need some girl bonding!:)

    @jenny: salamat po :)

    @apple: thank you apple! the bag is 11' so pretty right? it's from Coconut Gold

    @Krystal Pearl: thank you sis!

    @Monique: YES YES! SUper kudos to hot mommas like us!:)

    @rizza: aww thank you! :)

    @mestizay: nako babe dapat magmeet na tayo! Pareho tayo ng nafefeel! I actually am a fan of yours! Is it okay if we meet? hehe

  9. Super bet ko 'tong outfit mo dear! Would wear it in a heartbeat. (:

    Well true naman. Whatever you have, work with it! And you're certainly doing that beautifully. <3


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