Thursday, September 29, 2011


I love your outfit Andie especially that thrifted lace top, would you believe that is thrifted?! :)

So here are few photos of my meet-up with Andie as mentioned on my previous post. I knew Andie when I saw her booth at the Glam Camp Bazaar. It was such an honor to hear from her that she knows me and she reads my blog. I felt so comfy with her and got to talk about a lot of things. She is a young mom too, and we certainly understand each other, I love that I have someone who has the same thinking as I am haha! 

And just because I loved her handmade clothes (she designs and sew the cloths she is selling), I asked her to be my official mananahi for my dresses and pants haha! I hardly can see perfect length of dresses and pants for me, so I thought I have to customize for myself and thank God I met Andie! 

I wish I have such a good talent in sewing as hers, she really inspires me to learn and how to do patterns and sew, but unfortunately my hands are meant to write and craft accessories not to sew clothes haha! But seriously Andie, if you are reading this, I adore your talent and your passion over Filipino-made products! We share the same belief. See you again on our next coffee date.

Andie and The Pin Up Girl Store will host a mini giveaway for my blog, so stay-tuned for it. Plus I've got 3 more giveaways coming for you all! :)

This is all for now, I will post my giveaway schedules on the coming days. 

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  1. I look haggard, as always! See I told you I'm not photogenic hahaha. Thanks Denise! Looking forward to our next one! :D


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