Monday, August 22, 2011


When I saw this hot pink satchel from Coconut Gold, I knew what outfit to go with it! I adore the candy color of  this bag. I am not  fan of colorful bags, as I am mostly shopping for bags in classic colors. But this one is an exception. When I held on to it, I feel so girly.

I love how my outfit looks good with this bag. I dig-in under my closet and found  this floral vintage dress that I almost forgotten. The hem is too short on me (I stand 5'5) so I hanged it behind the clothes I seldom wear. Then I brought it out to life again for this shoot. Wore my cream lace skirt underneath to add length on the hem, and I found it cute! Wore my black tights, black flats, and black hat and whoala, I wanna be a sweet rock! haha! 

Do you love this bag too? WATCH-OUT FOR COCONUT GOLD x SIMONE'S FASHION CLOSET giveaway tonight here on my blog! 2 ANYA pretty satchels to be given away! Stay-tuned! :)

Meanwhile, you might want to get your own ANYA satchel bag. Coconut Gold is now getting pre-orders til Friday. Click here and visit Coconut Gold now! :)

floral dress-thrifted
cream lace skirt underneath- gift from hubby
flats- Soule Phenomenon
hat- SM
feather earrings- Simone's Closet


  1. I love your satchel, denise!!! ;D Cute!!! :D the color choice a! :) <3

  2. i lolove this denise! looking so pretty in this dress! gorgeous satchel of course!:)

  3. super like the pink satchel! :)

  4. pretty anya satchel, denise! you worked it!

  5. LOVE THIS LOOK ON YOU BABE! Ganda denise! :)

  6. aaaa. you're so cute here. :) Fighting! :) Your so adorable. :)

  7. My most favorite outfit so far! Everything just goes together! And astig, skirt pala yung lacey; I thought dress siya =)) Really, really pretty! :)

  8. so cute!!!!! love the layering


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