Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Every other Saturdays we are scheduled to do some grocery shopping and the last time we went to the grocery here's what I wore...
black top-thrifted/leggings-Landmark/sandals-SM/satchel-Coconut Gold
Just a casual outfit perfect for roaming around the grocery while picking veggies and fish :)

After completing the list of what we need to buy, we headed to Mendrez to buy shoes for my dad. While waiting for our order, here is Marise role playing as a sales lady haha!

she's so cute right? haha!

Back at home after fixing the groceries in the pantry, I decided to fix my shoes. These are just some hehe. Others are still in their own boxes. What I do with my shoes is I buy a huge plastic container and I make it as my shoe rack, instead of the usual open rack of shoes. I am such an OC with comes to my shoes, I don't want them to get dusty hence my option for plastic containers.

I pile the containers on top of the other and I already have four... and counting!haha! If you're wondering how will I know where a certain pair of shoes is, well these photos are my guide. I took these photos to serve as reminder, not for me to blog about , but I find these photos too cute to share hence they are here hehe! 

Here's how it works, the first photo of shoes is the first container  which means it is on the bottom. The next photo is my shoes placed in the second container which means above the bottom container, and so on and so forth. gets? haha! In short patong-patong being the last photo is the top most container hehe well to save space. I never delete these photos in my handy digicam so the moment I forgot where the shoes I wanted to wear is, I have something to remind me haha! Minsan may memory gap ako haha!

Anyway I will be doing a shoot this Friday with a fellow blogger, and I can't wait to style and shoot her! And also, please do not forget to join my ANYA Satchel giveaway, it will end this September 3! 
That's it for now I have to do a lot of articles for my work if you have time and you wanted to see what my work is aside from blogging, click here.



  1. I like the mixture of brown and black <3 little Marise looks so cute fixing the shoes there. good tip for the shoes. I think I'll also put it in a container so that it won't get dusty


  2. Hi Tootsie! thanks for dropping by my blog! Haha marise is really cute yon lang hyper hehe. and yes try my tip in storing your shoes para you'll be able to avoid your shoes from getting dusty :)

  3. I love the bag and the sandals. My taste!


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