Saturday, August 27, 2011


I spent some "me time" last week at NAIL-A-HOLICS in SM San Lazaro. Since it's opening last June I really really wanted to try their services. I am really a fan of their pretty interiors! I love the combination of brown, blue, moss green, and white on their interiors. Love it so much!

While waiting I had some time to look around and took some photos here they are...

don't you just love this cutesy couch? I wanted to sit there but I don't know why I sat somewhere else haha!
I love the lighting so vintage-y :)
look at the wallpaper, it looks like you are at the beach! nice and cozy feeling when you stare at it. :)

I chose their mani-pedi services, and here's my feet soaked in warm water before the pedi session :)
haha excuse the dirty nails, they are not dirty as what you think, it looks dirty because they removed first the black nail polish on my toe fingers  haha!

lots of Orly and OPI nail polishes love it!I had a hard time choosing what color hihi!

drying my feet first :)

these two colors for my toe and hand nails :)

thanks ate for not murdering my feet. haha! Others are really careless in cutting nails which cause some wounds that really hurt, or the worst an operation which my brother experienced months ago. :)

Marise and mom waiting. Marise did a mini comedy bar session inside, entertaining the other customers haha! she is so cute. Everybody is laughing while she talks and talks and do pa-cute things. I think she'll do good on tv haha!

my nails done! Lovely pink nail polish! :)
I asked the Ms, Receptionist whom I forgot to get the name to take my photos, thank you so much! hihi

voila! my lovely blue finger nails! Lavet! :)

and this is me looking so happy and pampered while on my casual outfit. Nothing so special hehe.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for Nail-a-Holics for accommodating me and my family. I just love the services you have there and the place is very relaxing. If you are wondering how much I spent for my mani and pedi well a total of P480 with 2 Orly nail polish on it. Kinda expensive, but I think it pays-off, I enjoyed a lot.

I so love having some me-time like this. My next target, getting a major hair makeover something like this:
I am a big fan hihi! and we have the same birth date! she has a daughter too! I just love her! :)
But I can't find any affordable but good salon who do digi perm. Can you suggest one? Or should I go for this style instead? Nanghihinayang ako on my hair but I wanna try something new. :)

Watcha think?:) I asked AZTA salon it will cost me P4500 oh my so expensive (who is willing to sponsor? haha) and the curls will last only for 3 months :(  If you know other good salons who do good digi perms let me know. 

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  1. Let's try there sa Nail-holic soon, sis! :) You look so pretty on your casual outfit. Miss you here! ♥ Hello to Marise!!

  2. try this voucher on ensogo.. you could get a digi perm for 1,500 its regular value is 3,000... hope this could help :)

  3. @arnie: sure let's go there together some time. ganda ng interiors you will love it :)

    @mavilicious: thanks for this! i actually bought one na yey! :)


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