Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have been wanting to wear a denim rugged shorts with tights underneath, but hardly had a time to try it until last week! I wore this entire outfit when I met my shopper to hand her, her items. That day was pretty cold because of the non-stop rain. That gave me an idea to try the look! Plus I have been inspired by one of Miroslava's looks wearing a denim shorts and tights. 

I just love wearing tights underneath short dresses, skirts or shorts, well not during when the sun is up and the weather is too hot! 

PS: Another giveaway is coming this August! 2 Cambridge satchels to be given away! Find-out very soon who this generous sponsor is! And get to know more about her fab shop! 


lace top- thrifted
denim shorts- thrifted
tights- Landmark
bag-from Ava


  1. I wore denim shorts over leggings when I went to the Glam Camp event. I saw you there but I haven't had the courage to approach you. I just kept looking at you and the rest of the blogger fashionistas that i've been following. :)

  2. Di ko carry style mo! Masyado kang magaling! :D

    Love your top especially! :D


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