Friday, August 26, 2011


This is one of the dresses I almost forgotten inside my closet. I have worn this once and only on a photo shoot (if you could remember my Down The Railway post) just a matter of 30 minutes. And when I sighted this hanging inside the depths of my closet, I knew I wanna wear it.

I wore this outfit when I met-up with Arnie of Raid Of My Closet to talk about a little project for my shop. Will blog about it next, in the meantime here's what I wore that day...
And oh that bag? I used it again after ignoring it for one year! haha! I miss using this bag. It's just that it's my favorite and I promise to use it only on special occasions since I don't wanna ruin it's pure white color. haha! And thank God the moment came to finally carry her on my arms :)

Thanks Arnie for these photos!

cape and dress- thrifted
sandals-random brand
bag- from Paris
necklace- Quiapo
bangles- SM


  1. your bag really looks soo sosyal! love it :)

  2. Love your look from head to toe tlga sis! :) Bet! ♥



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