Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Right after I feel fine from being sick for a couple of days, I had  a meet-up with my shopper,. I love meeting them coz I am able to say how thankful I am for having them as my customers. And of course I got to have their photos too for souvenir! 

Here are some of the photos... I would like to introduce to you Kristel! She really isn't the one who bought or should I say will wear the clothes she got from my shop. It's her sister that is, but since her sister have a class that day, she was the one who met-up with me. 

And as for my outfit... I want something comfy yet covered since I am not fully okay, and I feel so weak and cold pa rin. Hence the harem pants and blazer combo! And lookie, I wore again my Soule Phenomenon flats! They really are so comfy! :)

I wish the rain will stop this Saturday so I could go the GLAM CAMP event. And I have seen one sure reader of my blog who wants to go with me to the event. And I don't wanna miss it! I am excited already so please Mr. Sun, battle with Mr. Rain now so a lot of girls will be happy this Saturday! :)

That's all for now ladies, I am off to another meet-up today! I wish no more rain! Ang hirap maglakad pagbasa ang daan plus matraffic pa.

PS: Do not forget my GLAM CAMP exclusive invites giveaway!

blazer- SM
harem pants- online find
flats- Soule Phenomenon


  1. I really love those flats of yours! :P

  2. waa love your flats and this all black-ensemble denise! :)

  3. @ Dominique: it's the comfiest flats ever! Promise :) go buy na rin hehe
    @ Jonessa: kakarecover ko lang from sick nyan ah hehe. at nagoutfit agad haha
    @Gabrielle: thank you dear :)


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