Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 Haha! I laughed with my title! It's just that when I wore this outfit, the first word that hit my mind is that. Anyway, this outfit is inspired with one of Miroslava's outfit (see it below). And this is my version. Hope you like it!
Oh my I adore her tiny waist and her innocent-looking face! She's just so gorge! :)

Who says I don't love animal-prints? haha! I actually own a lot of animal-print something! It made me think to blog about it but I need to dig in first on my rather filled closet! :) Don't you just love how I flipped my hair? Feel na feel! lol! :)

animal-print dress-SM
brown shorts- thrifted
animal-print heels- bought from Ava
feather earrings-from Mich wears clothes


  1. nice take!:) love the animal vibe!

  2. lovet! love the hair flip pictures too! :) <3

  3. great interpretation of her outfit! the leopard is such a classic print :) i admire miroslava duma as well because she is petite but dresses so well!

  4. That outfit is taking out the wild side in you. :P I really like your hair!!! ♥

  5. Hi Denise, I love the leopard heels! You know already I'm a fan of leopard prints.. haha.. i really like those pair you're wearing!!


  6. love your look! :) i have been looking for a nice animal print top, too :)

  7. love your shoes sis! and yeah, i love that hair flip! hehe.


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