Friday, July 1, 2011


Hallooo everyone! As the title implies, I will turn 23 years old in 24 hours! Yay one day left and it's my birthday! That also means I am celebrating that day with my favorite singer Michelle Branch and the ever gorgeous shoe collector, Mrs. Imelda Marcos! 

So what does it feel that I am turning 23? Well just the same feeling...excited and happy because I will be going-out with the entire family hopefully it won't rain tomorrow! 
Anyway, I am still working on the giveaway post for tomorrow, that's why I advanced this birthday article to spare the attention for my giveaway! Approximately 12 sponsors supported my giveaway! I am so thankful for all of you! Expect plenty of items so better be here on my blog tomorrow! What time? that's a surprise! haha!

The shoot I was telling yesterday with a great photographer..remember that? Well, it turned-out just fine and better of what I thought it would be. I am so mesmerized with his skills and of course with his amazing camera! Even my pores can be seen! haha! Sadly, I had no photos of the bts coz,  I am focused on following his instructions while wiping-off the liters of sweat on my face haha! Luckily I have few, like 3 photos haha! Will blog about it soonest he gave me a copy! Actually it's for Vedette Shapewear, but I will share it to you guys once everything's done! :)

PS: To my wonderful hubby , thanks for always bringing the best in me! For staying with me through thick and thin! For being patient on my mood swings. For being there as my best friend, photographer, daddy, eatmate (coz I love to eat), and shopping buddy. And for being a supportive father to Marise. Can't wait to bond with you again and Marise tomorrow on my birthday! :)

blue dress- thrifted
belt- Landmark
sandals- So Fab
necklace- Simone's Closet


  1. Happy BDAY Luv! ^^Wishing u all the best~ ^^


    And Advance happy birthday! :D

  3. Happy birthday dear! You definitely look better than ever! :)


  4. Happy Birthday Denise! :)) I love that royal blue dress on you! More fashionable year ahead! :))

  5. hi ! i really love your shoes and dress:)) HAPPY BDAY!!


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