Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I never thought I could still enjoy after giving birth. Well the fact that I can no more go clubbing or watch last full show in cinemas coz I have to be home as early as I can, made me think I can no longer enjoy night life. But come to think of it,  I still enjoyed my special day. Went home late,but this time with my family, and that I think is the most enjoying night of my life!

So let me share to you some of the photos we have that night. Let the pictures and short captions tell what happened that night. 
we tried first the the Magic Forest and saw nymphs, magical trees, animals, and dwarves.
 then saw a couple of games wherein you could win cutesy stuffed toys if you are good enough to pass the tricky challeges.
hubby trying to win the big bear for Marise
Marise watching closely to her dad haha! *cross fingers*
 then headed to the Pirates Adventure. It's like Captain Hook's world where all the pirates and their secret transactions happen.

Marise was shocked to see the fighting pirates.

and another shocking face from her! haha!
 We ate at Chowking since it's the only resto (or should I saty fast food) we could think of. 
Marise is trying to show-off her newly discovered skill, to drink using straw! haha!

Marise: tatay look I can drink using straw! Hubby: weh? patingin! haha!

after eating we went to see Peter Pan's world! 

A view on top of Peter Pan's balcony! Sosyal! haha

Captain Hook's ship! So intricate ng mga designs!

the Indians! Wonder where is Tiger Lily!
 after finishing the different attractions, we went strolling with the tiangges inside, and found Marise wearing a wig! Yayks! Hahaha! 

And this look of her made my day! haha! nakakatawa lang!

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  1. I just wanna say... Grabe your hair looks so healthy, ahlavet!! And buti naman enjoy kayo sa Star City.. Haha.. Tagal ko na di nakapunta jan!

  2. Your daughter is so adorable! i can't get over her in that wig...she looks so cute! Speaking of hair..you should be a hair model..your hair is so shiny and beautiful!! Kiah

  3. your daughter is so adorable! :) i love bonding moments!! i agree your hair is so gorgeous! <3



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