Friday, July 22, 2011


I know dressing-up and fashion should not be taken seriously, coz it should be something that comes-out naturally..something you should enjoy. But not all the time you can enjoy dressing-up and wake-up one morning you feel like wearing a tutu skirt and a magenta tights, because you have to consider where you are going, and how to get to your destination. With a fashion blogger like me, who owns a coin purse to pay public transpo and not a car to go to my destination, thinks dressing-up sometimes is actually challenging (in a good way). I feel like I have grown to become a smart and comfy dresser most of the times, and not just be dolled-up as I want to. It's not that I always consider what other people will tell me with what I am wearing, but it's just that, I wanted to be practical. 

Imagine riding a jeepney with a sky-high heels, and a sheer top? No matter how I wanted to ignore people's stares, they just can't resist coz you are too attention-getting. Yes I love attention, but please on the right place and on the right time. And because I am a fashionista commuter ( just like Ana of the Fashionista Commuter), you need to tame a bit your outfit to make it more pang-jeep, o pang-bus, o pang-tricycle, or pang- lrt/mrt. Then just bring with you your pang-event outfit and heels then head to cr first to change and retouch before heading to the event. Life of a fashionista commuter is just that challenging and most of the times for me, adventurous haha!

polo- Simone's Closet/skirt-thrifted/tights-SM/pumps- Parisian/bow tie- my brother's

the top is for sale on my 32nd collection!!!:)

Sometimes I tell myself, if I go get a car, I would totally dress-up like Lady Gaga and won't mind any comments from someone. Anyway, I have a quick escape if I feel I am too embarrassed while walking inside Trinoma. Well I cannot do that if I just commute. But then inspite of what I don't have, and what I only have, I feel so contented and happy working-out the things I have in my hands. I become more resourceful and smart when dressing-up. I guess I can now little by little decipher what really my style is. And I hope I can inspire other fashionista commuters too!

Well thinking aside, I can still dress-up totally weird once in a while...even just inside my room. haha!





  1. look so adorable and cute outfit :) Keep posting, you´re doing good on the challenge, dear!

    xo, AiR

  2. I can totally relate! :P I commute too, add to the challenge, I'm used to wearing scrubs and didn't worry what I'd have to wear before. Now, I have more reasons to dress up because of my new job.

    Cute pumps by the way, I'll check it out at SM one of these days, hehe...


  3. i love your shooooeeeeesssss!!!!!

  4. You know I can relate to this! Been a commuter all my life (even back in the day when we had a family car) so I've learned a thing or two about transpo-friendly dressing. But sometimes I am stubborn too, and opt to go the "uncomfortable path" instead. Although those days can be unbearable, I still end up happy because I'm dressed exactly the way I want. (:

    You look so cute btw! I love the top ha, and I've been on the hunt for the perfect black flared skirt for AGES!

  5. Nice entry Denise :) I love your outfit too!

  6. hi ate den.! yeah , youre right, i have the same concern too. :) i super love the top;)

  7. Oh Denise! I super can relate too. Minsan nga nababadtrip nako pag di ko masuot yung gusto kong outfit kasi masyadong "bongga" for commuting. HAHA! I looove your outfit so much btw!

  8. I can't help but AGREE with you! Haha I'm also a commuter so thinking of an outfit every morning is torture for me specially when I wanna wear heels or mini dresses! And because I'm always tamad to bring paperbags where I can keep my replacement shoes, I always end up wearing the same things... everyday...I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this. LOL.

    And yes, we should definitely go ukay shopping together one of these days!!! ^____^


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