Sunday, May 29, 2011


 I had the most amazing Friday because I started my day with a visit to a shopping haven called TOPS ( The Off-price store) I went there to join the fashionista frenzy contest and I tagged along hubby to be my photographer! The experience was so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! 

WARNING: Such a long post but I know you'll love this one! haha!

I opted to visit the one near where I live at, the one in Panay Ave., Timog QC. I have been there a couple of times and never forget how big and stylish the store is, plus the really cheap prices of branded items! Sure your eyes would really pop! haha!

As we entered the store, we were greeted by the huge shop with different sections.
They have the COSMETICS and KIKAY section where everything you need from make-ups to lotions, fragrances and all are in this section!

Then a sepcial BAG SECTION wherein pretty over-sized bags are displayed! Definitely one of my favorites in TOPS! I am such a sucker for huge bags! haha! Plus see the racks of key chains and bag tags? TOPS Panay also have it to match your quirky bags!
As we stroll around, we found out they have a HOME SECTION too! Where pretty glasswares, flower vases, kitchen utensils are for sale too! TOPS is really a one-stop shop!
I just love the colorful glass fruit basket!
did I mention they sell this modern chair too? So cute but didn't sit on it haha!
Then I just cant resist the KIDS SECTION! Well I love shopping clothes for Marise...such a kikay mom that is! haha! Swear their kids' clothes are pretty and branded too! I saw a Baby Guess dress for about half the price of its original! Definitely a steal!
A cute nautical-ish swimsuit I am eyeing for Marise! Love this so much!

As for the MEN'S SECTION you will be greeted by a huge cabinet of different branded scents.
Then a wide range of shirts, pants, shorts, and rubber shoes!

and finally the most awaited part... the LADIES' SECTION! haha!
I just love how trendy the clothes they have there! And each goes with big sizes which is good coz most of the local shops here in our country has no plus-sizes. I love how pretty yet AFFRODABLE all of the ladies' clothes they have there! I swear to God the moment I am not on a shopping ban again, I wiill shop to death at TOPS! haha! 

For clothes they carry brands (those that I saw from the racks) like Zara TRF, H&M, Banana Republic, and Cotton-on!
I just can't take my eyes off these accessories!
Pretty over-sized bags best for school if you want roomy stylish bags! They have NINE WEST bags too!
I went gaga over the wide rack of belts, scarves and bags! haha!
ladies' rubber shoes that comes in cute colors!
sexy lingerie and swimsuits!
and I just love the EVENING WEAR SECTION where lots of cocktail dresses are for sale, best for formal gatherings!
Outfit photos first before I get to try the clothes haha! I wore something comfy and easy to remove.
yellow dress as top-thrifted/ denim midi skirt-thrifted/sandals-SoFab!/belt-Landmark/bangles-gift from hubby

When I was about to fit the first outfit I have chosen the staff lead me to a pretty room and my gosh it's their VIP fitting room! Sosyal! I just love how they treated me as one of their VIP guests just for that day haha! The room is so big like it's already a master's bedroom! Complete with goblets and silver plates see the brown cabinet on the left? Then it has a  sofa that turns into bed, and the mirrors all over walls of the other half of the room, but didn't get a photo of it!haha!

 TOPS don't have pretty heels and flats but they have sandals and rubber shoes, so they are the only two options I can use for the styling! haha! I am not a fan of rubber shoes that much so I go picked the silver sandals and used it entirely on my 5 outfits hence a collection of back-to-school outfits! I kinda reminisced my college days! These are definitely the outfits I would wear if I am still going to the university! So to my student readers out there you'll gonna love the outfits I picked! :)

I love mix and matching different prints hence I combined stripes and florals!

    SHANA pink and gray racerback top- P249
SUPRE floral bondage skirt- P399
RUBI silver sandals- P799
COTTON-ON kid's belt- P 299
pink sling bag- no tag 

 I just love this over-sized black cape.cardigan! A must-bring when you go to school so you'll have something to keep you warm.

ZARA TRF floral dress- P 449
LDS balck knit cape/cardigan- P749
Red ladies bag- P 2499
black woven belt- P299
RUBI sandals

Such a fan of animal prints hence a  wild wild animal-print outfit! Definitely a fave!

yellow and black animal-print racerback- P149
COTTON-ON animal-print bondage skirt- P 449
CLAIRE black fringe necklace- P629
Black cape/cardigan
NINE WEST red snakeskin bag- no price tag but my fave too! haha!

I love wearing shorts and hats for easy, comfy, yet stylish look!

H&M black shorts- no tag
Flapper hat- P 399 also my fave haha!
Mustard yellow bag- P2499
RUBI sandals
CLAIRE black fringe necklace

Plaid dresses makes me feel a student! I wore plaid dresses when I was in my college days!

TRF Plaid dress- hubby forgot to get the price haha!
RUBI sandals
black cape/cardigan
CLAIRE black fringe necklace
THANK YOU SO MUCH HUBBY for coming with me and for patiently waiting while I assemble my outfit!:)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the staffs who I forgot to get  the names. I was planning to have a photo with you guys but I ended up not having one since I finished styling around 12:30 which is their lunch break so most of the staffs are out for lunch ahaha! But then again thanks so much for accommodating us well and for letting us use the VIP room! :) I hope to join another contest like this! :)

if you have time to join my readers, you still can! Sorry for posting about this so late, I have known about this too just last Wednesday. But yeah two more days before it ends! I hope you could join!

PS: After the styling at TOPS hubby and I headed at BLOGGER'S UNITED! Will blog about it on the coming days!

PPS: I hope you did not fall asleep in this rather long post haha!

VISIT TOPS on their several shops here in the metro!


  1. Wow! I wish there is a nearby TOPS here in my place. Your looks are awesome. :))

  2. wow! i didn't know about this contest! darn..anyway i loooove the looks you created..very stylish yet so wearable! following you now.hope you visit my site too (if u have time! lol..kisses!

  3. Kaloka, it's SO much bigger than the branch I visited! And nice outfits ha.. Bet ko #1 and #4 (:


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