Wednesday, May 4, 2011


for giving me this award Carla!
You know how much I wanted to fly to Macau just to
meet you in person and have some outfit shots with
you! I hope in the future! :)

According to Carla, I should share 7 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME.


Most of you know that I am the owner of SIMONE'S CLOSET. I am so proud of myself for bringing
my shop to some improvements since its inception last 2009. I have encounter a lot of problems,
and a lot of experiments for my shop. Though a lot of online fashion boutiques are popping everywhere, I am glad that Simone's Closet has never been forgotten by online shoppers.
What most of you do not know, is that, SIMONE'S CLOSET is my first source of income right after
I gave birth and graduated in college. And is also the reason why I am blogging right now.

Changes come and go, but SIMONE'S CLOSET will still be open 24 hrs 365 days
and as long as my love for affordable fashion runs in my blood. 


Since I started my thrift shopping for my online shop, I began to keep ukay clothes for myself. And for the three years I have been scouting different ukay shops, I collected thrifted clothes that are so fasyon and perfect whenever I feel to dress-up. I guess my closet is 80% thrifted and 20% brand new. haha! There's something in every vintage dress that I cannot explain, I just feel it and I knew I wanted it!


Ever since I was a kid, I always have a pair or two of red pointed shoes. I just feel so girly and energized whenever I wear red flats. As of the moment, I own 2 pairs of red shoes, and I am planning to collect more! Haha! Hubby gifted me a pair, and I will show it you soon! :)


Many would ask what is my new job right now, well I have been keeping this topic a secret since my boss wanted to keep my identity. But I realized, I need a bit of exposure since I am blogger for them, and I need to reach-out to other bloggers too, and make networks. So here I am letting you all know that I work for an international brand of shapewear. I love my new job right now and I enjoy every task that I do. So if in case you need something to hide your bulges, you know who to reach! haha!


I have a big sweet tooth and this cake makes me weak whenever I see this in a bakeshop or in a coffee shop. I can eat this entire cake, I swear! I just love the soft moist cake with layers and layers of caramel and dark chocolate! Yum! Now I am craving for a slice. haha! 


And because I love thinking out-of-the-box, I made my resume like this! This one has been featured in several resume blogs, and I got lots of emails from different people around the world, saying how much they love my job. This is also the reason, why I got my very first job, without a sweat! :)


When I started on my first job at an advertising agency, I knew that I have to be creative in my daily outfits  And I find thrifted dresses a great help for mix and matching, and coming-up with a totally new look. Dresses are so versatile that you can either wear it alone, or wear it with tights, wear as top paired with leggings, and so and so. I even have a separate clothes rack for them, and I will never get tired on searching for one! :)

Now I am tagging 10 bloggers to share 7 random things about them:

Krissy of I am Krissy
Tricia of Style Anatomy
Aie of Aie Corpuz

To the 10 bloggers, if you happen to read this post, you may start doing this tag! :)



  1. Nagulat naman ako nasali mukha ko dito, haha. Gosh your resume is so awesome!! <3 will try to find time to do this dear, thanks for tagging (:

  2. hahaha, luxurious! ano vey? ano ba'ng bagong seven random things about me? hahaha. isip isip... :)

  3. looove your shoes, dress and the cape thingy denise! Oh my, my mom likes buying shape wear denise! I'll tell her about this! =))

  4. thank you for the tag, denise!!:) Love the resume!! winner! haha need to make mine creative din siguro when i grad!

  5. I love your resume! It's cool! :)

    Btw, your friends with Cheena pala. She's my friend's cousin so I know her too. Wala lang small world. :)


  6. WOW!! Amazing look!! I love your shoes!!


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