Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sometimes when I feel like a failure because I have done something wrong, the tendency for me is to regret about it. I should have not done this or that, but come to think of it, only brave people are those who are put by God to that test. And the good news is that I am one of those few and I managed to keep my faith on Him no matter how difficult the situations I have been through. 

I may be a failure to the eyes of people but to His eyes, I am a gift. 
(What a good way to start this post but to have some words of wisdom eh? True! )

Well anyway, speaking of news, I am wearing newspaper pants I got form my mom. She used to wear this when she was 27 years old hehe! I love how comfy and stylish this pants is so I wore this to a family bonding last Sunday at SM.

Marise playing hide and seek with my brother haha! She thinks my brother is KingKong hiding  behind the buildings haha!

Whoa! She's caught by King Kong! haha!

After walking and running with Marise, we headed to Razon's for some tasty merienda! I love their Pancit Malabon and halo-halo! Yum!
stolen shots courtesy of my father haha!

Then after eating we went window shopping and bought some toys for Marise. And here she is looking so hyper and donning her signature cross-leg pose haha!
We ended the night having a photo with Mr. Potato (is that his name? hehe!) 


black top- bazaar find
newspaper pants- mom's
satchel- c/o Ava
bangle- Girlshoppe

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  1. very fashionable mommy and baby



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