Friday, April 1, 2011


Ava, gladly invited me and Cheena to the Prive Fashion Awards at Members Only last Wednesday night. So it was another reason to get dolled-up and prep for that fashionable event. I missed attending to events like this coz I don't usually get first hand invites, but thankfully Ava, invited us so we grabbed the opportunity. Thanks girl! :)

The event would start at 9pm so Cheena and I decided to have some bonding moments first at Greenbelt 3. We had dinner around 7pm at Marciano's. The food is great though we actually felt bloated after eating due to the very big servings of the food we ordered (we didn't know they have big servings of meals their haha!) Glad that a friend of  Cheena, came and eat with us. :)

Here's my pretty friend/.sister Cheena who looks so really sexy and fashionable that night! I really love her style! If there are more events to come I would definitely go with her, she's my better-half if I may say haha! :)
Take a look at her amazing cracking nail polish that we bought several weeks ago. We forgot the name of the store but it's a kiosk in Trinoma. You got to look for that shop because they sell wonderful nail polish! I guess we are addicted to pretty nail polish! haha!

We ordered salad for starters, then white sauce pasta and thin crust pizza for the main course. The food is great Marciano's, you've got to try it!  But be prepared for their humongous servings haha! Plus you'll gonna love the big mirror on the wall, which Cheena and I enjoyed. haha! We are so vain that we check ourselves from time to time on that huge mirror! :) The interior is great too! So if you are in Greenbelt 3, grab the chance to visit them for a wonderful lunch or dinner.
 After our dinner at Maricano's we headed straight to Member's Only. We came just in time but the event started at 11pm already, about two hours late. Anyway, here are some of the photos of the event. I wasn't able to take a lot because of the dark lighting.
with pretty sisters, Vern and Vernice with Ava and Cheena

my first ever outfit photo haha! With Alex beside me!
Cheena's outfit for the night! I love the mix of pink, black and gray! :)
My outfit. Sorry for the blurry photos, I don't wanna use flash to preserve the good lighting but then my camera didn't' cooperate haha!
No choice but to use my camera's flash haha! So here's what I wore that night, what do you think?
PS: I wouldn't enjoy the night without you my friend, Cheena. So thank you so much! And thanks also for the lovely and delicious dinner. :)

To Alex, who's a reader of my blog, thanks for dropping by my blog. natawa ako nung sinabi mong para na ring blog ni Cheena tong blog ko haha! I am happy to see you again! I hope we can bond naman some other time. :)

To my co-bloggers, Vern and Ava I am happy to see you that night! To Honey, whom I met for the first  time, I am glad I met you in person, you are so pretty dear! I didn't have a picture with you, sayang  but I am looking forward to chat with you soon! :)

To the winners of the Prive Fashion Awards, CONGRATULATIONS! 
Special thanks also, to Members Only and Mega Publishing for the invite and for the wonderful giveaways! 

blazer- NY Square
dress- Tomato
shoes- c/o Ava
accessories- Landmark


  1. How fierce are those leopard sandals? love them! and your nails make me wanna print them and paste them on mine, awesome!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  2. Love your leopard shoes.:) Look like you guys had a fun night.:)

  3. Nice to have bumped into you again! Matagal tagal ko na rin hindi nakita ang fabulous self mo. See you soon! :)


  4. Black+blue+leopard print = LOVE :)


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