Saturday, March 5, 2011


Three words that help a man improve his life. I believe in second, third, fourth, and so on chances. Man has no permanent satisfaction so he will seek ways to improve his current state. 

Enough of my thoughts, let' s go with the topic haha! Here are the photos that I forgot to include in my other posts. I was looking at the photos in my memory card, and saw these. I just wanna share with you this bunch that I guess should have been included in my previous posts.

then I finally got the right setting for my dslr when shooting indoors... tada! A better view than what I have posted yesterday! Clearer and less blurry. The natural light is still the best lighting there is! If only I could do my outfit shots outside the house. Well I don't wanna let passers-by annoy me while on the process. Our house is really near the busy street so lots of people are walking so I have no way I can take pictures outdoors. Oh well. haha!

And talking about being unsatisfied and seeking ways to make things better, I changed my shop's layout! I love the new layout now than what it used to be! This time it's fresher and really dainty! New collection is about to come! WATCH-OUT FOR IT LADIES!

HAVE A NICE WEEKEND! And oh new header too!:)


  1. love your new layout! your blue flats are cute, been looking for pumps in that color :)

    join my StiLa giveaway!

  2. just amazing !
    i love your header <3

    What do you think about following each other ?

    I'd be happy ;)

    FashionGirl <3



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