Tuesday, March 8, 2011


On my 5th challenge, I am donning the SKA/ HAREM pants. You've seen mewore different prints of this pants. From the animal print, to the paint-splash print, and now, I just can't believe I rocked this horizontal striped harem pants, without me looking so wide or fat. hehe!

I love how I looked so gothic/rocker babe in this outfit. This isn't my normal look but hey I love this aura, it's comfy, edgy, and has some sort of attitude.

PS: I want more harem pants!haha! And please do check the teaser ad of my 29th collection! Please see the previous post.

I am off to meet Cheena today! Have a nice day!

black top- mom's
pants- online find
wedges-Parisian Jr.
bangle- gifted


  1. bagay sayo!! :D rocker babe nga ang dating haha!

  2. the off shoulder blouse is astonishing :)

  3. I love this look on you! I was just wondering if harem pants would fit me too. I've got small waist and huge hips... I'm afraid I'll like a giant pear if I wear them.

    PS you look so cute in your photos!

  4. i love your top and pants...and shoes! actually that sums everything! :) you're definitely rocking it! ♥


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