Monday, February 7, 2011


I guess when a friend leaves it doesn't merely means goodbye, but more of " I will see you soon". For just as long as friendship connects you to them, goodbye doesn't exists. It was hard for me to put-up this post. I am still thinking if I would just make it a photo-loaded post or make it the way I wanted to be.  I realized why not tell how I truly feel, then from it I know this will be a beautiful entry.

I never thought I will leave this early. But then, people change, dreams make your way to it. You can't just stay to be with your friends, because you need to leave to improve yourself. I thought leaving would this be hard. I thought I will feel depressed for a sudden change of phase, but I am totally wrong. I bravely faced the fact that even though we may not see each other everyday, friendship is here to last and will make us meet again. 

I thank them for the wonderful time. For appreciating who I am and who I am not. For the support and all the understanding. I know from my heart that no matter how I feel bad with the working environment we have, and for the other people whom I feel angry for, these bunch of people helped me to survive. And now that I am on my next adventure, I will never say goodbye to them, rather, I would smile back to them and say " I will see you soon!".

PS: The photos were taken last friday February 4, 2011 at Centerstage  Timog, my despedida party.
More photos on my facebook account.

animal print dress- SM Department Store
blazer- hubby's
belt- divisoria
necklace- random
flats- Parisian Jr.
tights- SM


  1. oh goodness you look so lovely in that dress(: wonderful blogg too by the way(:



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