Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hi ladies! I am Marise! Cute daughter of Denise. I've got to replace mom for today, she's busy with work so she has no outfit photos to show to you. But luckily I have so let me share 'em with you! I guess I could put up my own blog with the plenty of outfit shots I have.  I wanted to be called CANDY COATED LOVE! I love candies and purple! I love fancy things and anything beautiful!

Take a look below, and you'll see what I mean,. I just love the dress I am wearing in the photos. I lvoe the pastel colors and its breezy feel! I just love my headband so darling! And my teddy bear is gorgeous too!

 Look at my sandals! I love the flowers on top! I am actually trying to get 'em off my sandals and have 'em as rings instead, but mom will get mad at me so I postponed  my attempt. haha! I love posing to the camera. When mom asked me to strike a pose in these photos, there's no second thoughts! haha! I just love to see myself in pictures.

 Mom took me to the mall last November. It's so obvious with that darling cutesy pumpkin. When I first saw it I told mom I want to have a picture with it. So even if the grass is wet and the area is muddy I braved to walk beside it and smiled.

Oh and I just have to say I love this miniature buildings! I felt like a little engineer or a CEO of sort!haha! One day I will build my own empire!:)

And did I say I am a chocolate lover? Yes I do that's why mom is getting mad whenever I eat too much! But I can't help it, chocolates are delicious right?! So scroll down to see ONE of my favorite chocolates!

 I just love this CHOCOLATE ROCK from Candy Corner! They look as hard as a rock, but hey they are so soft and sweet! And so colorful too! Yum!Yum!Yum!

And just like mom, I wouldn't let go of the pretty things around me, so I told her to take my photo here in this cutesy camera-like frame from Picture Company.

So stay-tuned on my next adventure post! I hope you enjoyed this one! Mom will be back with outfit photos tomorrow! SEE YOU AGAIN!

I am wearing;
lovely dress- from Aunt
Sandals- Florsheim


  1. ang cute! haha. :)

  2. Denise she's super cute! Pakurot pleeeeeaaaase!!! :) She's so pretty... :)

    Very lucky mom! And I soo love your blog! I'm a daily reader! ;D

    Emme from Baguio City :)

  3. @Bella: thanks girl!
    @Back to Sanity: Awww thanks and nice to know that you read my blog everyday!:) I hope to meet you soon!:)


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